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Inheritance tax – Trusts – Estate planning

Inheritance tax – Trusts – Estate planning

Tax issues are present throughout a person’s life, and even afterwards.

Our firm will support you in your most important choices, to ensure that tax consequences are mitigated and that you have peace of mind.

Over the last few decades, families have become more and more geographically dispersed as a result of expatriation. This has brought up a host of international issues we are familiar with.

If you want to protect your assets and pass them on efficiently, you need sound tax advice to make the most of the rules in force in each country concerned.

Trust is the preferred tool in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions and a good example of effective tax and estate planning. Unfortunately, this concept is little-known in France, where it is subject to numerous legislative changes.

VBDB Tax Attorney has been studying these issues for several years, to ensure that settlors / grantors, trustees and beneficiaries receive appropriate tax treatment.

Our STEP membership is a guarantee of our reliability.

The firm particularly specializes in Franco-American relations.