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International and cross-border taxation

If you want to cross a border seamlessly, your best move is to call your tax attorney first.

Inheritance tax – Trusts – Estate planning

Sit back and relax, our firm will handle the transmission of your estate and ensure your trusts’ efficiency.

Compliance – tax & trust returns - litigation

Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, and pass the compliance stress on to your tax attorney.

Artists and Sporstmen

Hit the ball, blast your amp, draw the new Joconde, we take care of your taxes.
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Corporate tax

Stay focused on your business, close your best deals, VBDB Tax Attorney will handle the tax side.

This is base camp, where the journey starts

You are here at the foot of a mountain: you are facing an international taxation problem.

Now you need the help of a professional to guide you, whether it’s a question of tax, estate planning or inheritance.

This is the role of Vincent Berthier De Bortoli, a lawyer with a certified specialization in tax and customs law, who works almost exclusively in the field of international taxation, and who will guide you every step of the way.

Because international taxation and the fields that revolve around it share many similarities with mountaineering.

It’s an extremely complex field, with frequent hazards, and it requires meticulous preparation.

To reach the summit, your aim, we will need to anticipate the weather: what is the current legal framework? What are the limits within which we can act? How many tax/legal systems are involved? How do they fit together?

ice climber
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ice climber

We need to choose our equipment accordingly: what legal tools are available to us? What mechanisms come into play?

Cutting a path through the crevasses: being on the edge to walk the most efficient path, satisfying all the interests involved; choosing the right professional partners; supporting you in tax disputes.

Anticipate changes of direction: a good tip is one that can adapt to the whims of your life and changing circumstances.

Finally, there is the descent, often neglected. This is where Vincent Berthier De Bortoli will ensure the effective follow-up of the solutions put in place, as well as their compliance with current regulations. The longevity of a solution is a guarantee of quality.

For all these stages, our relationship will be based on trust, in the manner of a roped party.

All our partners are carefully selected on a case-by-case basis, as we make it a point of honour to remain totally independent.

Now it’s time to strap on your crampons, grab your ice axe and set off for the peaks.

Why you should call VBDB Tax Attorney

“The great mountains have the value of the men who climb them, otherwise they would be nothing but a pile of stones”.

– Walter Bonatti –


The first mission of an attorney is listening to the client and determining their needs accurately.


We do our utmost to remain close and available for our clients, may it be in English or in French.


We are able to provide efficient and taylormade advice thanks to our professional training on very advanced topics.

« From here, it seems impossible. Let’s have a closer look. »

– Lionel Terray –

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