fees and payment

our fees

Our fees are determined by the time spent on the case, the research work to be carried out, the interests involved, the impact of the costs and expenses incurred by the firm, the benefits and results obtained for the client and the service rendered to the client.

The cost of a first in-office or videoconference consultation, lasting approximately one hour, is set at €310 before VAT when applicable.

If the situation is complex and requires support beyond this initial meeting, we will draw up a fee agreement detailing the scope of our mission and the amount of fees to be expected.

As a general rule, our fees are calculated on the basis of time spent, at €300 per hour, before VAT when applicable.

Where the nature of the case allows, an estimate of the number of hours to be engaged is provided.

By their very nature, certain assignments allow us to set a fixed fee, with or without an additional fee based on results.

In most cases, these are tax returns or assistance with procedures initiated by the tax authorities, whether at the amicable or contentious stage

payment modes

Wire transfer


Online payment


(Up to : 1 000 €)

As per articles L616-1 and R616-1 of the French Consumer Code, all professionals must inform consumers of the contact details of the consumer mediator(s) they can contact.

In the event of a dispute between a lawyer and his client, the competent consumer mediator is:

Madame Carole Pascarel

Address: 180 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

Email: mediateur@mediateur-consommation-avocat.fr

Website: https://mediateur-consommation-avocat.fr